July 20, 2011


When I think about me and you,
it hurts,
but it's over now.
What happened, happened.
We both moved on,
you faster than me.
However, it's been a while.
We're starting to become friends again.
Maybe not as close as we were before,
but that's expected.
I think one day we'll get there.

I hope we stay in touch.
You're the only person who has affected me this much.
People have gotten close, my best friend included,
but never as close as you.

I sometimes hate you
because I can never stay mad at you for very long.
Other times I think you're the most amazing guy.
It's hard to let you completely go.
Sometimes I wonder if you ever feel the same way I do.

I know though,
that it's time to say good bye.
In a way I'm ready to leave you behind.
I now know,
that I could never fully separate myself from you,
we're too close.

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