July 20, 2011

Who am I?

i am jacqueline
daughter of jennifer and shawn
who needs love, sleep, and friends
who loves nature, god, people
who sees joy, words, compassion
who hates ignorance, hatred, cheaters
who fears failure, loneliness, success
who dreams of happiness, a loving family,a good job
who has found poems of love
resident of washington

i am a crazy girl who loves mucis
i wonder what life will be like in twenty years
i hear people crying
i see people believing
i want to be cared for
i am a crazy girl who loves music

i pretend that i am a great leader
i feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
i touch god's creation
i worry about everyone i know
i cry for all the death in the world
i am a crazy girl who loves music

i understand why love hurts
i say that we are equal
i dream about helping the children of the world
i try to be there for everyone
i hope that people can see the truth
i am a crazy girl who loves music

Compassionate, tired, daughter, sister,
Sister of Brendan and Collin,
Lover of music, nature, God,
Who feels joy, sadness, love,
Who needs laughter, joy, nature,
Who gives help, encouragement, laughter,
Who fears failure, heights, spiders,
Who would like to see a cure for all diseases,
Resident of Everett, Wa.,

Ditzy, intelligent, curious, fun-loving
First born daughter of Shawn and Jennifer
Likes music, nature, children
Feels like I'm not good enough
Afraid of falling
Would like to see the world.

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